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For Hangzhou E-commerce Trip Attendants

Please fill in the form below to allow us process in advance.

Your info will be held confidential in our secure database, only for the use of register.

In some fields, you will notice we suggested some default values, and we recommend you to follow our default recommendations, if you do not have other ideas, as these are the normal settings for EC start-up companies.

TIPS for the form: click on the PLUS icon to open details

Chinese Name Candidates: make 5 different names

in case of duplication of names, please provide as many candidates as possible, popular charactors are easier to meet duplication

English Name Candidates: 1 or 2 English names

Optional. In order to avoid repeatedly name duplications, we will help translate your English name into its Chinese transliteration.

Company Industry Suffix: choose 1 from 3 presets

We suggest you select the first one 网络科技 Network Technology, as this is the most applicable for general E-commerce and Internet business, if you are only doing E-commerce retail as sellers, the second option电子商务 E-commerce is also good, and third one 贸易 trade is for when you are going to have bulk trading

Company Type Suffix: foreign joint venture or natural person
  • The foreign joint venture is when you have more than one non-Chinese shareholders.
  • The foreign natural person sole proprietorship is when you are the only shareholder. 
  • Then foreign-owned sole proprietorship is when the only shareholder of the company is another foreign company.


Operating Period: choose from 10, 20, 30, 50 years

different period has the same register fee, and we suggest you choose 30 years or less.

Scope of Business: choose default setting as general EC sellers

If you are selling general goods without industry limitation in import or export, we will set your company account to a most applicable default value, if you have any other ideas, fill in the box, otherwise you can leave it empty or just write Default

Shareholder Names: write passport names

should be exactly the same as on your passports. If you have only one shareholder, leave other empty. Proportion of capital is a percentage, and total value adding together should be 100%.

Assigning Roles: Supervisor should be different with Legal Representitive

we suggest the biggest shareholder or actual team leader of the company to be the Director and Legal Representitive roles, as most local company do this way.

And Supervisor should be a different person as Legal Representitive, if you do not have an alternative shareholder to assign as Supervisor, you can also write someone else's name. Or you can also write name of some classmate with same issue with you, and be supervisor for each other, until you find someone of your own to replace him/her.

The Supervisor role is only responsible for accommodating relationship inside a company, but not responsible for any legal or business of the company.

Company register info Pre-collection
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Scope of Business
Passport Name of Shareholder 1*
Proportion of Capital Contribution - Shareholder 1*
Passport Name of Shareholder 2
Proportion of Capital Contribution - Shareholder 2
Passport Name of Shareholder 3
Proportion of Capital Contribution - Shareholder 3
Passport Name of Shareholder 4
Proportion of Capital Contribution - Shareholder 4
Assign Legal Representitive Role*
Assign Director Role*
Assign Supervisor Role*
Passport Name of Supervisor if not a shareholder
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