Hangzhou E-commerce Trip

Experience China's Top Internet City and Core of E-commerce Industry
  • 3 days event.
  • Free of event charge.
  • Visit E-commerce Business Park, company, customhouse, logistic center.
  • Processing issues for bank account, company,  investment and EC business.
  • For ABS alumni, by Invitation only.

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Our Purpose for
Organizing This Trip

Joseph Ding
Co-founder of echines
Trip Leader

As ABS training program partner, we've heard a lot of feedbacks from Singapore Entrepreneurs about difficulties and barriers to go to China’s E-commerce market.

We brought these feedbacks to Hangzhou, discussed with E-commerce related government departments and relevant resources trying to find solutions. After  many conversations and meetings, we finally decided to organize this trip to help Singapore Entrepreneurs to open China’s E-commerce market.

We want to help our ABS alumni on real business resource and support.

In this trip, we invited local authority in commerce, customhouse, warehouse, logistics service provider, E-commerce enterprise, bank, telecom service provider to join us. They will share helpful information and solutions for Singapore Entrepreneur’s issues on the spot.

Echines has resourceful networks and highly positive reputation in cross-border E-commerce industry in China. By combining all supporting resource together, we offer you a Jumpstart package for your E-commerce business.

Trip Highlights

Business Oriented

Compact Schedule
Cover All Biz Nodes

Solutions on the Spot

Process Issues On Spot
Event Dedicated Channels

Partners & Resource

Suppliers & Distributors
Warehouse & Logistic

Trip Arrangement

This trip is free of charge, and only for invited alumni from ABS training program. It is not a part or supplement of the training program.

Participants need to submit Online Application to make event reservation. And for those who want to open bank account or setup company in E-commerce free trade zone, will need to submit additional documents according to our instructions.

Participants need to arrange flight and hotel booking on their own. You can follow our travel guide for this trip.  click here to download the printing version.

Event Agenda

Date Schedule Content More Info
13/06/2018 AM
Welcome Meeting

Sharing on policy and Introduce the process to setup bank account and company

Communicate with Chinese E-commerce entrepreneurs.

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13/06/2018 PM
Tour in EC Park

Visit E-commerce Business Park with selected E-commerce companies

Handle China SIM card, Open personal and enterprise bank account.

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14/06/2018 AM
Service Partners

Visit warehouse and logistic partners in Hangzhou customs zone

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14/06/2018 PM
Company registration

Company registration for all the shareholders.there are some important documents need to be signed.

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Yiwu International Trade City

The international commodity circulation, information and exhibition center. It's one of the largest small commodity export bases in China.

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China Side Participants

We invited relevant participants for every node along your E-commerce business flow.

EC Park Officers
From China National EC Demonstration Zone
Biz Officers
From local commerce and investment authority
Bank Team
For local banking issues
Customs Officers
For customs and trading issues
Export suppliers from China
Importer trade into China
Comm. Operators
China Telecom for local phone issues

Suggested Travel Suppliers

Airlines and hotels

According to our experience for traveling between Singapore and Hangzhou, here are the airlines and hotels we recommend for this trip.

Scoot Airline

Scoot Airline has one daytime flight from Singapore to Hangzhou at 16:45 arriving around 21:30, and one midnight flight back to Singapore at 23:15 arriving around 04:00 in the morning.

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HeBei airline

HeBei Airline 河北航空 has a flight from Hangzhou to Singapore at 11:10 arriving around 16:50, which is very good timing for daytime travel, an perfect alternative for Scoot's midnight flight back.

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Tianyuan Tower Hotel 天元大厦酒店

TianYuan Tower Hotel 天元大厦酒店 is one of the best China traditional style hotels in the region, for travellers who want to experience traditional China style in your stay, we recommend this hotel, also this is second stop of our bus pickup. Price for standard room is around 120 SGD per night.

Book On Ctrip.sg
Inter Continental Hotel Hangzhou

One of the best international hotels in Hangzhou, first stop of our bus pickup. Standard room 标准间 (twins room or double room) price is around 200SGD per night.

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Local life APPs

Here is a list of China's most popular mobile APPs for your local convenience, we recommend you to install and register in advance. Make sure you have Alipay installed on the phone, because this is core APP for this Internet and E-commerce city.

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  • Daily support email: service@echines.com
  • Call us in local emergency: Robin, +86 137 3811 7786

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