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Recent boom of E-commerce is still just the beginning.
New markets are being created everyday and everywhere.
China E-commerce is quite the leader of the industry.
Now join us and start your E-commerce business from the right place.

Remote tools to control your business at homeland

The best feature of E-commerce as a business is, every order occurs in online platforms you can access from anywhere. This makes remote control of your business possible.
Think of your business in your pocket!
Or managing it with laptop on the go!
Our service is designed to let you do your business with superior resource and team inside China but without staying at China.
You can be working remotely at your home country for the starting phase, and pay visit time to time after your business gets big.
"Your services are so reliable. I can even work at home now, upload products, chat with my clients, issue shipping from China, and collect money in my currency. All works neatly."
Scarlett Anderson, Our Customer, Amazon Seller

Our User's Sharing

Andy is owner of a trading company in Singapore. He used to go to Southern China for his procurement job. Now he works his E-commerce business at his office with our service. See how he manages his daily online deals with ease.

Start it like a Pro

I have been doing E-commerce work since the year 2001, when I registered my first seller account on in my university. Selling things online, especially to abroad, was quite difficult then, the main reason was the lack of tools and services. The earliest sellers didn't have payment tools like Alipay today, nor did they have express service on demand that can deliver within couple of hours, let alone all the colaborative and automation tools or services.

After graduation, I did 3 years work as a web developer and programmer. And in the year 2007 I went into Alibaba group and worked there for 5 years leading its first E-commerce training platform developing and operating team. After that I started my own business echines, aiming to deliver the right knowledge and skills for people to do E-commerce business.

Early years of an new education and training company was not easy, so I chose to provide E-commerce operating service for other companies as a main income to keep echines alive. Over its 5 years of survival period, we had run over 68 taobao or tmall stors in various product categories. As leader of the whole thing, I need to make sure all the clients' store projects were running in good status, often I had to split my attention on 10 or more stores at a same day, and problems happened in every procedure of the store operation.

In these battle days, I found some methods to ensure the smooth and steady operation of the teams. And as a programmer, I started to fix these methods into the form of web tools and connected services. That's how we come to here, to provide these proven effective tools and services to you who want to start E-commerce business and want to know the right way.
Joseph Ding, CEO & Founder

Provided Services

All in One service account with flexible plans

  • Basic Beginner
  • Start Up Business
  • Resource Pack
  • Performance Pack
  • Full Service

Shared working space

You can rent flexible working space combination, with modern style and convinient public equipments.

Qualified job candidates

You can always find the right persons for your team, we've been expert in E-commerce training for over 10 years.

Mobile friendly tools

You won't miss out any progress, not when with phone or laptop to use the tools and controls in neat mobile view.

Increase your
productivity with echines

The ideal E-commerce business is a series of procedures connecting together, for the engagement with buyers, through product info and promotion info, get buyers to make buying decision, place orders and pay, while keeping a low refund rate.
Working through these jobs with accuracy and efficiency, is the right way to build your profit machine.
"I do online distribution, I need to make every hour count and generate profit for me. Efficient listing and reliable shipping is the key. echines helps me with the quite detailed info pack for the right supply, price is good, and shipping is so reliable."
Patrick Russel, Distributor

How we help

Our main focus

We provide resource for your procedures, and use tools to bridge gaps between them.
You focus on your clients and orders.

Right market

We carefully select right supplies welcomed by the market.

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Good shipping

Shipping cross border requires a good timing and reliable delivery.

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Full control

We make all the procedures into flow of standard data.

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Focus on your sales, leave other stuff to us.


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