Retail Product Supply from China

We have a large supply pool of global buyers' favorite China products, ready to ship out per single item.
Our shipping partner is the biggest consumer product logistic company in Eastern China, with strong support from China's first and most successful national cross-border E-commerce comprehensive experiment zone in Hangzhou.

A distribution system compatible with oversea drop shipping

Drop shipping is now an effective business model thanks to the internet. Most online retail platforms support middlewares like light weight ERP system to deliver order info immediately after seller comfirm it, and with amazingly swift delivery service by China shipping providers, the order will be fulfilled remotely from where the seller is.

Drop shipping is one of the best practices most new sellers adopt for the start.
"No inventory, no warehouse, no wrapping and delivery, drop shipping allows me the simple pleasure of selling and earning. Never thought starting my online retail could be so easy. Thank you guys for taking all these tiresome works."
- Lisa Ng.
"Clearly this is what E-commerce should look like, what's the point to purchase and stock everything before any real orders come out? Without certain or potential order from buyers, making or keeping products are just wasting resources and time. Drop shipping is something to deal with the uncertainty of market."
- Andrew Johnson

Getting Started

For Beginners

How it works

Drop shipping distribution starts from product data packages.
A data package is a scheme of product attributes info, product main images, detail page design, pricing policies and marketing suggestions. E-commerce buyers make buying decision by reading these info. Distributor first obtain the package from suppliers, list the products in their online stores, then start to sell.



After receiving the order info, our warehouse will pick, pack and ship out the products according to the order info and recipients info.
When warehouse pass the package to express company or postal office, a tracking code will be recorded and send back to seller, for seller to update the order status, so that buyer can start to track the delivery progress info until package arrives.
To enable this drop shipping model, sellers and warehouse first need to align the product info and inventory info, via middlewares with syncronization function. Sellers will have their account in the middleware, and connect their store account with it,
First Steps

Selling online

Most E-commerce sellers run their business on tops platforms. After properly configured the seller accounts, seller first upload product info and make listings for the platforms' search engines.
Buyers search and visit the product page. After buyer place an order, the order info is stored in seller's account, and this info can be syncronized to suppliers anywhere, enabling remote ordering.

Customer Service

After Sales Issues

After buyer receive the product, there will always be queries about the product and its usage, we will keep working with all the product supplier to build knowledge base and FAQ list for sellers to refer to.
Also, we provide reliable rules and processing support for the certain ratio of after sales disputes, either due to misunderstanding between buyer and seller or product defects caused by shipping. After sellers' effort, we will help confronting this inevitable ratio in E-commerce business, from China and our operating center warehouse in your country.
echines products

Favorite China products

We will keep digging out world's most favorite China made products and put into our supply system, with good prices.
echines shipping

Top logistic support

Our logistic service is provided by top players in China E-commerce logistic industry. Our core logistic team is the biggest consumer product shipping processor in Eastern China.

For import sellers selling into China

Our operating center is located in China's first Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Experiment Zone, also known as Oline Free Trade Zone, where the biggest import players like are. With custom windows beside us, and echines' superior resource priority in China, we will help import sellers who want to sell into China with the famous bonded warehouse model.

Resource for senior sellers who want to expand scale

resource platform
Drop shipping is quite good model to start the E-commerce business, its zero inventory feature allow sellers take much less risk at the beginning. But this does not mean inventory is totally a bad thing, a certain level of inventory is a buffer in the uncertain world of retail business, gives sellers more flexibility.

Also, high profit and volume sometimes are usually known as hard to get both at a time. Volume means selling popular products which means more competition and less profit per unit. Drop shipping is better at providing higher profit margin, for scaled sellers, the business is always a new adventure, we will help by introducing resource benefiting us both.

Use our advanced features
to present your brand

The resouce we are able to help includes human recource, enterprises and also government policy.

echines team has over 10 years of E-commerce training experience ever since early age when B2B is the dominating model, along through the famous taobao decade, till the recent Cross-border E-commerce 5 years. One of our book is now still the number one best seller book in this area and we have the biggest college and university content distributing network in the subject in China. The advantage of doing so long in training is we have people, either government audiance, enterprise trainees, or college freshmen which counting to more than 30,000 per year.

People and relationship bring us recsource.

In and Out

We support both import into China or drop shipping export outbound

Legal processes

We make sure everything is legal and keep you well informed.

Trackable shipping

Our shipping has tracking support.

Customer Service

For all the services you will find support through the service team.


Moniter the service performance by data reports

Cost efficient

Good cost control in the whole process.

Quality logistic

Reliable system in supply chain manangement

High Security

Accessing the service with security
Focus on your sales, leave other stuff to us.


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